Geographically, we are open to pitches about any part of the broader MESAAS region and its various diasporas and myriad histories. Thematically, we will consider pitches that touch on a broad array of MESAAS themes, including reflections on aesthetics, epistemology and intellectual history, and politics.

When writing, we urge you to think broadly but write concretely. Successful posts will look at particular strands of history and nuances of aesthetics, politics, social life and thought. Use compelling examples and case studies to demonstrate theoretical points. Stylistically, we want submissions that are smart but not stuffy, short but not superficial, and thoughtful without being too “academic”. Leave your footnotes behind and gloss your technical terms. We want prose that is provocative, stimulating, and above all, clear. And bonus points if you weave what you study into how you study it, bringing together your intellectual interests with reflections on being a student, a teacher, and a thinker.